Notre histoire

  • Valerio

    Pâtissier & cuisinier
    Philosopher and Buddhist by education, musician by heart and chef by profession, Vale is everything but ordinary Italian. Because he's from Napoli.

    After 5 years in pasticceria in Napoli, he took off for Paris. We and our clients adopted him from the very first moment when he as a client helped Jana to carry 25 kg flour bags, through the times when he speaks japanese with our Japanese clients and to the moments when he makes best ever fresh gluten free pasta.
  • Adriana

    Adriana, aka Chiquita, is our mexican sunshine at the Deer. She is not only rocking behind La Marzocco but she also masters the best juice and cool homemade drinks recipes.
    Chiquita is a woman of many talents. It's hard to put a label on her because she can fix you an amazing latte but also open a coffeeshop in Panama, she can make her own cool outfit but also give you a course on how to design and sew, she can make you laugh at silly things but also talk about mystical and philosophical questions. This is our Chiquita.
  • Jana

    Jana (Yanna in French ;)) is true entrepreneur at heart, so after completing her business school degree, no job just seemed to feel right; a volunteering in Sri Lanka, working at the UN, nor guiding tourists in Slovak mountains. Only when she embarked on a gluten-free diet in summer 2012, the sparkle got lit up.

    With an ambition to make the best gluten-free bread and to have a place where she can make all guests feel like at home, with tasty home-made dishes and cakes taken out of the oven just in front of you, the Deer got born. With her courage to never take the easy way and conviction that people will love what's prepared with love, she built the Deer team to make the first gluten-free coffee shop in Paris.
  • Sona

    While attending business school in Paris, Sona (Sonya in French) always liked to invite her classmates to her apartment for dinner parties. She loved testing out new (and often unusual) flavor combinations on her guests. Who knew that six years later Sona, after completing her degree and successfully pursuing a full time career in human resources, would open up her own gluten free coffee shop. She's a woman of many talents--by week she's HR manager extraordinaire, by weekend a culinary star. You can find Sona smiling and cooking up a storm in the cafe's open kitchen.
  • Juraj

    Juraj, deer's designer and artistic soul, is behind the original geometric wall that you can admire in the cafe. When he is not designing the haute couture fabrics for parisian catwalks, he lends his creativity to the "deer" to make decorations for special events and seasons.

    Besides being ranked by Forbes as one of the most successful Slovaks under 30, he's our great friend.